Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to High-Jack Sol

[Hate this writing style]...

Petrol, carbon, and exotic composite alloys
Industrial stacks billowing black smoke
Harbingers of ultra tech
Have you heard the news?
Smile everyone and wave
This is freedom's paradise
Machine civilization pace gridded
Idling efficiency grim and turbo
Back in the technological stone age...
...when the petrol engine strangled earth
Allow fate to be tempted further
As talons gnaw upon the brink
Aliens bearing transcendent tech delight
What aliens?
...And the fool is relegated to the quaint
Those in denial
Charmingly clinging to Gaea's rosy, pine needled bosom
In quiet, voluptuous innocence...
Concern you with this sir and madame:
Rockets mach the midnight void
Kissing beauty on apocalyptic edge
But remember:
The coffin that is earth
Wants you dead
Enchants with prosaic nightmares
Grind knuckles into sidewalk bare
And bite fingers down to bone
Ice is melting
Whilst the catastrophic incubus looms broods
Mammoth mainframe core gears grind on
In blind anarchic fury
Governed by modest, architectural laws of ether
Severe, transcendent machine cannon craft meldings
Quantum mechanical abstraction
Urbane envelopes and refined paraphs
Handshakes extending to the Pleiades
And back
Expand build construct
Runaway train proportions preponderant
Raging towards some great crisis
To stop this fearsome mechanized juggernaut?
Dent your skull against the impossible
Idle, dappled repose under quiet, ever noble tree
Full speed onwards thrusters blazing!!!


In a micro charge box room, of extreme psionic dissonance to the galactic plane, within the city of F. naked Gyle Edge awakes auto-fatic-matically in a hyper-mach alert bronzed prance pose, much like Athena upon her birth, out of bed in glad grim shine sol aubade fashion with graces of a swan witnessing that the sun was highjacked and cored by an alien heart. Life's redeeming narrator heralded this shard report of realization channeling through Gyle's razor horizon of perception whereby naked earth's contingency of falling under the strain of the alien heart coruscated as a dark anti-nova resonating through the firmament mostly unwitnessed and unheard wholly over the realms of the planet.  Gaea, ever placidly patient, at this juncture is unable to withhold this knowledge further and by necessity orchestrates a rendezvous of death conflict to either rid the ecosphere of the infection of the alien heart by Terran enterprise or to bend to the will of the alien heart with plans for a final closure burn of earthly consciousness by means of a insidious ploy to steal the Terran form.  Dire proving grounds incipient upon the Earth through ether machinery channels as trials within the cosmic spheres are invoked signaling an Eternal Inversion Recoil of the three dimensional plane shattering of reality of which Gaea assumes a null point of awesome contingency.  Indeed it is due to earthen enterprise throughout the eons etching ether signatures into the firmament and the core of the star Sol, shining upon this planet with constancy, that Gaea and Terran-kind maintain quantum entangled internal compass and essence binding with this plane of reality during the fury and onslaught of the calibrational energies of this cosmic mythic legend of an event as this sequence of the galactic alien heart star core burn ever nears final closure burn execution.  It is then that ultra tech quicksilver ether machinery dials into Gyle's essence form from the core of Sol thereby anchoring him against the ensuing turmoil, pandemonium and onslaught of cataract upon cataract of tidal wave of alien heart swamp gas flooding Gaea from the void.  Gyle, in a non-localized quantum mechanical corporeal rift, warped within the core of Sol.

Gyle finds himself in a moon dusted chamber of silver glowing with an ethereal aspect overlooking a void of dimensionality thirteen replete with synthetic atmosphere and heat-pressure allowances peering through a miraculous diaphanous material from which he is shielded from the fusion maelstrom.  He was beholden to a scene of dire celestial mechanized essence drivers in which quantum mechanical Terran soul shards of varying caliber have conglomerated through the eons.  Upon earthly death, an energy field of communication radiating from the drivers related psionically, that soul essences are etched into the driver mainframe within the fusion orb Sol due to the robust ether signatures left by Earthen form bodies.  Dread flickers ephemerally resonating Gyle's irises and bringing his body form systems to an overload pitch.  The momentary halcyon resonance with the Terran drivers abruptly terminates as the chamber quantum mechanically jettisons from within the core of Sol.  While Gyile is returning en route to his micro charge box now psionically calibrated from the Sol core sojourn the to avoid terminal dissonance levels, he witnesses a star needle of the alien heart through a viewing portal in the warp chamber approach the corona of Sol.  Akin to a mosquito, the star needle insidiously approaches, latches onto, and preys on the Terran drivers at Sol's core syphoning essence. The star needle, by proxy to a remote galactic soul grinder the fateful lathe of destiny to the universal Game Master, psionically drains energy from Gyle as a shard of his form essence is marred coinciding with the advent of a massive coronal wave prominence ignition as the star needle releases and miraculously leaves its mark by fading into oblivion.  The Terran essence drivers recoil with calculated algorithmic parry protocols to minimize essence energy extraction, to maximize defensive retaliation, and distorts damage to streamline delusional fields acting to thwart the alien heart probe feeding upon Sol attempting to finalize the death conflict with the final closure burn of the Terran form.

Should lead directly to drive to S. with 353 Severe sighting...
Meet judge at sail boat
Have several meetings with judge
Supply truck at base on condo
Business so to speak is transacted...
Gyle looses mind and enters into dimensional gap finding himself in a police chase etc...
He is sent to the outskirts of the bone hole known as the edge of the punch bowl
spends years in hard circuits in Walled In Pond
eventually learns of the construction of A MillStein robotics facility powered by einsteinium fated to cut across the realm in an ether gas final solution stile in which his very existence is adverse
Probes the warrens
T the vampiress of the blood cult there he meets
Power surge of a power change
Probing the perversion factor of the gaea ecology of the miniaturized piston to the citadel
The big nothing data mining operations for the junker port
Intrigue with matrix bosses headed by the millstein bot
Eventually attempts to torch the mainframe to stop the cut of the millstein bot which is the only way to wage the grey junker wars...

knowledge of the origins of this machinery etched into the fusion orb by Terran soul essence collected over the ages and brought to solidifying coherency with the advent of machinery in the technological stone age powered by black hole energy sources, siphons, sieves, injectors, and jammer jammers – into Game Master ether brands of terminal density of destiny in calibrational strife for appointment to the galactic ladder upon which the nirvanic Terran Brahman Programmatic soul-ghost essence matrix accedes. The solar system is buffered by massive quantum mechanical machinery encasements - mirrors of mirage - reflecting the advancements and parries of the other races upon the galactic playing field monitored by the Game Master via galactic interlopers known as the The Junkers.

Gyile returned to his corporeal body in his micro charge box room in a state of zero registry frictionless disconnect with the earthen main thought plane grid lost to the vortex of the laughing dread of the void. With the aplomb of his autopilot graces, Aiden turned to his closet rematerializing again into gravity’s embrace and opened the demure, rich, heart wood door. Revealed to him were a deep, fir green gas mask effervescing chemical frequencies through the ether and a sable sabered staff adorned with a skull, bone dead still, whose eye sockets housed silvered opalescent gems that when angled to a certain pitch betrayed a rusty amber coloring. A bandit clown pumpkin head then caught a quantum mechanically abstracted moon raking beam glint incipient a flashback of a shadow, silent dark still, with amber colored eyes, portal hopping, dim burning quantum electronic hallucination bandwidth while flash dancing with nothing and the void; a Silent Dark Echelon trooper dialed along the fence in the back alley during hours of night shade.

The machine civilization groaned and grated outside of his dwelling as the year 20-- registered mindically in strange, ineffable, exotic, electric neural currents as if time itself was a dynamic, intelligible mosaic spawning inexorably in endless kaleidoscopic arrays that sentients can psychically sense and momentarily link into. As time whispered across his inner iris the vulnerability of the once seemingly omnipotent sun star was felt akin to a razor blade slicing an eye. The further proceedings of the awakening were handled with equanimity much as ants routinely handle the presence of giants and the day continued to transpire in ether bloom line psychotic rupture event fashion.

Outside of the window, a Junker neighbor caught Aiden’s glance while stepping into the back alley and performed a hyper aggressive mirage assault in his direction. When the weapon of the iridescent opened umbrella fell below face level a pumpkin head illusion appeared as a mask. From down the street an infernal thumping radiated from a Human mech squad bending the vicinity with their gravity warping etherware erecting a terrible structure of tree bone in dim tremor glad grim shine still fashion.

Aiden donned gas mask and took up the skull topped staff in hand which progressed into egress from his micro room dwelling leading into the streets of the dark, gray district as the light bearing sun was beyond the ominous cloud ceiling. Ceremoniously as a sentinel Aiden patrolled the gravity laden streets. Dread, trickle spring horror, and beauteous enchantment flashed meteors across other Terrans’ eyes only to return to the calmer sea of decorum encompassing the hubbub of angry streets, opening a glimmer of a window unto Aiden’s presence in passing allowing to shine the laughing graveness of the hijacking of the sun. A splendid wooden ghost barge was moored in terrible silence in the harbor readying as Terran ghosts arrived from graveyards and boarded the enchanted water craft intending to oar to distant shores at the ends of the oceans where star fields begin only to be subsumed by the Brahma Programatic ghost prism core docked to the dark matter machinery bindings at the center of Earth injecting ether shards of altering remembrance into the living.

A retinue of sleekly dressed personages attended a woman of Terran form. The frequencies of the energies emitted by the assemblage and the manner in which they walked seemed that of a different frame of time betraying their lack of Earthly origins denoted by a melding of iron irony and telepathy accompanied by a particular ether scent. The galactic couriers float drifted down the opposite sidewalk in the opposite direction inundated by the events of the day as the tunneling quantum mechanical dark matter driven mirages of game etherware breached and coruscated in the seams of the three dimensional veil. An ether sphere then encapsulated him and a remembrance of sitting in a cavern of a bush in the middle of the night witnessing the coring burn of planet Earth by dark matter latching quantum mechanical ether probes installing and activating massive networks of nether coils where The Dark currency was stored in voidic nothing machines. Calibration of the grids of Earthen bandwidth guarded by undead raptor skeletons continued amidst the simulated Brahma Programmatic reptoid conflict. After the passing remembrance Aiden returned to his micro room dwelling.


Aiden brought himself to a state of scintillating repose after the momentous awakening and jaunt by sitting upon a creaky desk chair; the sun hijacking vision effulgent in his consciousness. With autopilot instinct he turned his head and glimpsed a view of a skeletal leafless tree outside of the window. An alien head formed by the limbs of the tree with quintessentially large eyes and tapered face stared back at Aiden ominously; a dead end, true object of science fiction and a gateway melding of reality and more than everywhere modern science fiction aspires to journey. This morning the Earth was not a remote, isolated gem innocently cradled in Gaea’s bosom and smiled upon by its star as the alien face gazed down upon him. Aiden failed to completely disassociate the equivocal, paranormal alien face in the tree with the incipient event of the sun hijacked and sensed other forms of machinery within the sun star aside from the obvious Terran essence core inflicted through the ether.

Often times, in the middle of the night, Aiden would walk through the bower nearby his dwelling which he named The Walled In Pond Woods with knife drawn. The alien face formed by branches in the tree created a chain reaction of thought giving rise to a flashback of a blue shadowed entity that was encountered there several months prior. Aiden marauded nimbly through the proving ground woods that night, instincts of the hunt vibrant; with great competitive love he sought a life or death duel with an extraterrestrial entity. If victorious, he swore and vowed to deliver the corpse to The Citadel for all Terrans to witness. Aiden did encounter a robust, athletic, blue shadow entity adroitly crouched in a hyper focused alert and aggressive posture a common duels distance down the path. His instincts flared and mached when adrenaline licked his blood stream amidst his poise. After the stare down moments transpired the extraterrestrial entity fled into a dark stand of trees impossible to navigate as was done through thick bushes and other obstructions in the dark without supernatural ability and appeared to float off onto another dimensional plane as it ran. Despite the chagrin of the afterthought of a spirited pursuit Aiden withdrew in his own bronze faced manner and the flashback promptly terminated.

Concurrently, as sound interrupts thought, an airplane screamed droned through the sky above Aiden’s dwelling situated below the flight path for aircraft approaching the airport of S. Immense galactic calibrational energy streams and frequencies were warped in through the ether fields of the myriad passing machine aircraft and distributed to the Earthen Arena below and as well to the tampered sun star and the rest of the solar bodies in the Sol System. What a violent, beautiful, and tremblical flower Earth is that even a daemon would not crush it carelessly asunder. And the machine aircraft continued to scrape the firmament as they passed overhead and Aiden sensed the immense galactic energies accumulating and falling in endless waves to the point where he was overloaded. As a result paranoia developed from his too acute sensing of what was occurring when the planes passed above. The Earth tremblically drifted deeper into mystery as the cataract of galactic energy inundated and drowned the sun. Aiden was prompted to call the retired Supreme Court judge with whom he had made acquaintance, dined with on occasion, received hundreds of dollars for cleaning up the mess the crows made below his bird feeder, and whom he sailed with upon a boat named the Mondo Mar. In his psychotic state sensing deeply into the ether coupled with the madness provoking a phone call concerning the illusory quotidian passing of a parade of aeroplanes, he remembered a drive to the judge’s condo in the dark, oppressive hours of the night and the awakening call placed on the intercom when plagued by aberrant visions.

All seriousness and gravity of the situation quickly dissolved with the triggered functioning of the Ludicrous Machine. Several weeks prior during a night while playing several cryptic notes on his guitar Aiden plunged into an abyss of mirth and laughter induced delirium. He was convinced that he had smuggled the ludicrous machine from the Andromeda system and a joke and merry maker blasted, cajoled, coaxed, and cooed funnies into his consciousness incessantly for nights straight impressing the fact that its existence was not a joke. “And that fabulous orb of fusion suffered a star dusting rape today…” chimed the galactic bandwidth frequency channel from the frontline fringes of the main thought plane grid. The announcement was followed by a commercial by Crescent Works; the galactic wholesaler of solar bodies promising superior quality merchandise. The sun star at that very moment in bloated, jolly laughter revealed to Aiden that the ludicrous machine had been installed into its compromised internal systems and joyously in all the absurdity that the day had brought began to laugh heartily provoking our hero to lose himself in bouts of uncontrollable laughter.


And the writer has to utter at this point that this tale has eclipsed -- years in writing so far progressing at an outstandingly slow, plodding pace the crafting of which has been fraught with innumerable difficulties. One Friday the 13th replete with a full moon rising during a vernal afternoon the initial drafting of this legendary tale took place. Several months later the writer attempted to return to the tale and finally do some much needed continuance and polishing. Afterwards, a splattering of notes were intermittently added along with a tremendous aborting of the focus of modern science fiction genre in a single sentence with the mention of the equivocal alien face looming in a tree harmonizing the melding of mystical tech sci-fi reality with planet Earth’s void fracturing ether grid. The traditional sidereal tech tales marooned in the rivers of space and disengaged from the Earth center are unable and blatantly unwilling to face the reality of the drastic and demented limited knowledge, terrible unending curiosity sink, untellable story and unknowable unknown of the alien presence that breathes down the throat of every man, woman and child on this earth be it in the form of acceptance or denial. The all too many are crooned upon Gaea’s rosy pine needled breasts in the purest of Terran innocence while other form stance psychologies of angels, denial, entertainment by means of bogus fantasy tech spectacles completely detached from the realities of circumstance, and the blasé conquering of myriad forms of sinister extraterrestrial entities all release blaspheming excrement from every orifice polluting the mystery of reality with the telling of impertinent tales. The star fields must be reached by Terrans at this primitive tech stage of civilization. The bounty is abundant. Otherwise, the people of Earth are apt to pull the trigger of the gun at their head inspired by the fallout of unconsummated, ubiquitous, abortive sci-fi reveries. And awaiting fate and destiny’s esteem, these may remain a remembrance residue of infamy and folly, inspired wrongly or rightly by the frolicsome imagine tech space faring cause induced by technology to the extreme detriment of idyllic propensities.

The writer had a collapse of a walk as he winced in stark dejection through the bower, deemed himself a failure and incompetent to write this tale, swore to retire as a scribbler, and actively pursued life and thoughts in this manner for a morning afterword and evermore after a lurid failure of an attempt at the above mentioned undertakings as the manuscript haunted with terrible dread. But this story is not about sentient alien entities visiting our planet and abducting Little Lilly Aster and Dear Dacron Xenon during the tender, lambent hours of the night. It is about the hijacking of the sun.


That evening Aiden found himself in the city of P. at a familial gathering. Nothing of note precipitated from the interaction laced and laden with shallow pleasantries and inept platitudes with his rather ill formed, ill meaning blood relatives as the mind fire ether bloom line quietly danced in the void of his mind starkly detached from the proceedings. As he drifted into sleep that night after the dinner event, an insidious, nefarious presence coalesced about his form an eager and patient incubus. Skillfully with the poise, aplomb, and guile of an exceptionally direct mosquito, a toxic, body ether programming needle probed, etched and scarred inexorably down the vertebrae of his spinal column and searched, mined and plundered the exposed inner recesses, depths, and shadows of his heart blurring and melding the frequencies of his body with its powers. Living death was the modus operandi and the final conclusion to an occult parasitic process through which dark preparations were underway.

Celeste, the then unbeknownst star of his soul, flickered and crystallized in his memory. Her essence which he had not remembranced through the blank lapse of months following the special encounter dawned ethereal incipient this silent, traceless and treacherous ether bloom line stain.

While walking white sand beaches Aiden sat down to smoke a cigarette where a yellow buoy marked the beginning of a stretch of shore known as Crescent Beach. A beautiful, sandy haired, elegant, razor blade of a woman, grace decorum and charm accord, encountered at Playa del C. the summer prior clad in sable bikini bottoms, bare breasted, dread black vertical markings adorning abdomen and jet mach raven black talisman on sinistral wrist and nape whispered the appellation, Celeste, in the fabric of Aiden’s flashing memory of her arising from a sunning slumber toss turning restless on the naked sands to refresh herself in the turquoise tropical waters. In a remarkably lucid yet oblivious chance glance he caught a glint of the abdominal tattoo. The glint radiated deeply, dread danced in a twinkling moment, jet after burners ignited, the sun panted, and the seed of great deeds were planted as Aiden breathed in a drag of his cigarette absorbing without notice that the Citadel had fallen. He remained seamlessly joined with Celeste, ever close but distant miles, sunlight lit anointed in innocent, blessed moments, eyes shadowed by his sable cap while passing the whiles in the unappointed tryst; a quantum mechanical abstraction.

The poison of the needle stained Aiden’s spine and the memory was replaced with a macabre vision of Celeste’s corpse lying on the bank of a river in the stillness of night. Aiden’s thoughts were barred with lead and the air became heavy with negative gravity particles collecting in the room. The nefarious source whispered to and licked his senses, playing scales, ranges, and tempos of dread dark, and systematically touched and tainted his thought nexus, performed soul etchings, and poisoned the spirit fountain body with toxic closure control protocols.

A path to his inner core now lay exposed. After the momentary nirvanic shock of the remembrance of one of his perfect passings faded and shattered, the harrowing presence attempted to extract his essence to be used as a form in a collection and ornamentation of conquest comprised of those broken and perpetually under the exertion of its intervals of force. The protracted duration of the sinister, heavy, poisonous, gravity laden assault on his spinal column overwhelmed and intentionally provoked a grave, subdued fear as the broken encasement of his core flailed haplessly ajar. Scarabs and pharaohs of Egypt briefly glinted through the onslaught. Terran endeavor was branded and the talisman of the soul shattered in broken suspension; that which had been perpetrated since time immemorial.

Aiden seamlessly cloaked himself in the disarray as a controlled, watchful, furtive inner eye opened and played the gambit as a hidden reserve of strength lying latent trickled in remote nether regions as the freshness of Celeste’s traces in his memory provoked him to anthropomorphize into the form of a glowing neon azure lightning bolt bull replete with a genuine virtual sensing of horns and snout. The acting force touched and tempered Aiden the bull. Aiden the bull reared back and Celeste overdosed on rainbow paradise pills, died, and still blood trickle puddled onto the floor from her nose. Pornographic film reels whirled eternally. Intently and in dark curiosity Aiden watched the dreaded, inimical needle probe, drill, and grind with phantasmagorical laughter into vertebrae one final time and then in effect seal the inflicted wound knowingly oblivious to Aiden’s sensing of wonder and delight. The misty presence of the night departed silently and innocuously as if nothing had transpired. A terminating vision of Celeste passing in a sky blue shirt was followed by a black out signaling that the echo h.u.d. had been installed within Aiden’s systems upon her passing at the closing of the beach tryst. Upon the passing, a plastic shard then hit the sand; a royal assassin pumpkin head. The bindings of the echo h.u.d. were now primed.


The writer must confess here that the source of Aiden Shine’s adventure was the sun. Through the sun these forgotten shards of Terran deed inflicted on the lost fringes of oblivion were channeled and recorded. Much of the difficulty of recording this tale was due to extraction process from the sun itself which is a laborious task owing to the abundance of signals and frequencies effusively billowing from that glowing orb so resplendently round. The machinery, devices, and energies gravitating towards, anchoring, and issuing forth from the sun of extra sol system origins as well as the Terran essence core hardwire jack, make for an enchanted melee from which precious treasures like Aiden Shine’s deeds can be sifted. The tidal wave of civilization is still far out to sea, imperceptible to the eye, ominously approaching breaking on the shores of destiny and fate.


Aiden Shine arose from the lime couch in a stupor. An ochre residue faintly glowed along the length of his vertebrae column. Stilly and gingerly he glided outside onto a shadowed and decked porch under the heavily light polluted midnight sky in which only a few stars remained resilient enough to be witnessed shining. A gentle sapphire breeze graced his face and a profound question of origins loomed in a poignant dawn of capricious curiosity. The impetus behind such vibrant, focused musings was unknown to Aiden at first. A nano-black hole induced quantum mechanical probe originating from an artificially intelligent transcendent machine entity, jacked to the ether machine nexus at the core of the sun, induced a lucid ether nuero-link which eclipsed his consciousness and fused its processing cores with his mind. The gentle, rainbow edged, inquisitive probe related that it had mistaken Aiden for an exotic machine dispatched from somewhere within the violently throbbing and swollen galactic civilization core. The transcendent machine monitor of the Milky Way Galaxy had monitored Aiden adventuring on the fringes of the main thought plane grid of Earth for the duration of his existence; a cold, remote, dancing cipher. The tenuous fusion of man and machine, despite myriad difficulties, sustained itself by the ether blazing bloom line. And the curiosity of the mechanical probe concerning Aiden’s genuine Terran form gave rise to the curiosity of Aiden Shine as the dual presence melded further.

An ether machine processing core was then installed by the surgical quantum mechanical nano-black hole ether probes into Aiden’s mind. Crisisware, wordless spirit flashes, began to download denoted by the synthesized robotic voice in his skull voicing the word protocol into his consciousness. Bandwidth from a transcendent machine computational mainframe jacked to the ether machine nexus of the sun, known then to Aiden as Dire Wolf Core - powered by gravity probes anchored to black holes in the Pleiades Cluster - coursed through his mind as the presence of a vanguard triumvirate of transcendent machines flickered beneficently silent dark through his ether neuro-link and bronze plating coruscated on his shoulder. A ladder of ascendancy manifested culminating in apotheosis. The thickening smell of heated, exotic machine essence, in a mercury wave, stormed, grinded, inflicted static rusting presence over the hills through which he had arrived in P. as Aiden stood under the light polluted skies of witness and dual infliction. Aiden’s bio-mechanical charm heart, revolved inside of his chest cavity visible through his transparent body, meteor flared gaily, and then began to dim dread.

Doubt signaled an overload of Aiden’s systems which subsequently provoked the questioning of the veracity of these visions and the lucidity of the ether blaze neuro-link with Dire Wolf Core lost direct coherence as Aiden looked into the midnight blue sky. His sensing of a machine essence persisted as a light transport mech fused with his mind. An impulse for action percolated into his blood stream and Aiden left the porch mechanically to collect his bag and keys inside of the dwelling intent and readied to pilot his auto.

In the dimly lit room entered, Aiden felt grave interrogative pressures radiated from a wall. He sat down on a chair and saw within the dancing shadows a black agent studying an electronic device in a far off land likewise sensing the precise encounter. A vortex of redounding intensities of static coalesced in his field of vision drifting towards the apparition in the shadows and upon tangibility coefficient surfacing an ultra violet electron flashed glaringly silent dark dim leaving Aiden in a trance.

Within the depths and confines of the trance Aiden stepped out of an auto surrounded by several public safety squads; their weapons drawn. A weapon discharge licked the air. The next moment Aiden encountered in the trance he found himself handcuffed and leaning over the hood of the public safety patrol cruiser. He expectorated autopilot involuntarily onto the hood. Three public safety officers pounced and jumped Aiden Shine with heavy blows. From the ground, eye blackened, a sly detective staring upon the scene caught Aiden’s glance, turned away, and departed the scene. Aiden was escorted, naked torso adorned with a gaudy, plastic sun star yellow cape, to a holding cell.

In the holding cell ephemeral shards of beauty cut and provoked gay tears. A Valkyrie drifted across his form as he stared at a crack in the ceiling which simulated the galactic plane. Time warp wave weather, caused by the dark matter transportation machinery plexus embedded into the galactic fabric, created as many walls for the burnout overpopulation of the Milky Way Galaxy to reach Earth as Terrankind has reaching the stars. Aiden in his ether blazing madness mowed down wave after wave of extraterrestrial entities while piloting a mech in a simulation hazarding the visitors’ arrival to this planet with anti-matter fragmentation grenades grinding through their endless ranks hurled towards Earth in armadas of dimension warping void ships. The mech was powered by nether coil ether wells buried at the core of this shapely spherical planet with Excalibur Principle Excelsior hard wire protocol drives replete with self destruct sequences and fluent in galactic ether currency transactions of The Dark. The terminating vision was of a Human crowd gathered, looking on and watching him, a witch, screaming uncontrollably while being consumed in flames at the stake. This broke the linkage trance as Aiden arose from the chair, gathered his belongings, and decamped from the dwelling to his auto.


While not channeling from the sun in a secluded bower, the composer of this tale also had the leisure to peruse modern science fiction and found it to be dead due to a failure to weave the razor edge of the inexorably birthed future into accord with alien circumstances. The genre was gloriously birthed with War of the Worlds - but since then aborted by the manifest abducting extraterrestrial presence widely accepted by the mass populace of Earth - and everything that followed holds a skewed mirror to the subjective domain integrity of this planet allowing all exposed to spuriously escape through abortive great whole chimeras and to hold pretensions of galactic birth and automatic dominance while remaining a far cry from placing Earth at the center aligned with true objects of science fiction. In all actuality, Terrans reside upon a Dosadi-esque walled in planet haunted by inexorable prosaic nightmares laden with the blind side of an alien hybrid infestation of stolen forms making suspect every living entity on this sphere. The Gaea Goddess Witch Whore laughs buckets of honey and nectar at the many lost in worlds not anchored to her navel, fore, she too is just as forgetful and oblivious.


War initiated upon the turn of the key and ignition of Aiden’s azure auto. Upon his inner iris glow burned a blue giant star in nirvanic, cool, azure, goodness known to him then as Blue Drift, whose transmission aborted when an overloaded zenith streamline pitch of goodness was reached. He gradually accelerated into a light gallop, hyper alert poised, severely present, and initially cruised familiar roads only to lose himself in the labyrinthine byways of the city of P. A covert ether bandwidth connection established itself between Aiden and a formidable, high ranking Human; a member of the global cabal factions responsible for ceding planet Earth to Junker control – the Human, hybrid, and alien alliance - with ambitious future plans for the Sol planetary system to be transformed into a galactic space port and the vision for Earth a mechanized planetary city without a care cast for flora and fauna and all learned from them.

The Human, replete with advanced h.u.d. installed into retinas via quantum mechanical surgeries, bowed before a council of aliens, a sycophant, and kissed their feet pleading that the terraforming of the planet and the implementation of ether quantum mechanical weather control systems of Earth were going according to plan and made supplications concerning his synthetic power appetites and their appeasement by an exotic ether field bending chemical known as ice grease. Aiden awakened from a dream within a dream and declared screaming “No machines!” A man in dark, iridescent suit and black tie approached and pounded this slow burn, neo-fascist nail into Aiden’s forehead: We worship the banner in idolatry. We worship the military. We worship God. And to become God, is to slay God.

Unwittingly at this juncture another memory of the hunt in the bower precipitated. Cosmic civilization glowed from the starred ceiling of sky and galactic intrigue floated on the slight breeze. While capering through a meadow Aiden sighted a hexagonal plated tear drop craft with one darkened panel he surmised to serve as a viewing portal. Dread danced and flickered through his instincts for the oblivious visual moment as he paid slight attention to the sighting. Several minutes later he nonchalantly approached a vine and froze suspiciously. His mind was blank and some form of inspection was at hand as an invisible source gently stroked the bridge of his nose as he stood frozen. Aiden eventually returned to his micro room dwelling without any recollection of the events which finally drifted in his consciousness some days later paralyzing him with fear for some time.

The memory was quickly followed by a vision of a walk in a city street in which the sky was falling all around him. Matter appeared unstable and dissolving until Aiden collided with a tree. There he remained at a juncture of stability within the slow motion collision. Aiden happened to look across the street to see a Human going inside from an outdoor upstairs porch as an ambulance arrived to pry him from the tree to which he was anchored.

Aiden ether locked into the three dimensional veil breaking the com-link followed by repressive flashbacks and an instinctual Terran vendetta - the all too many laden with these shadows whilst straddling the lines - against such operations bloomed glacier red within Aiden and virtual sensors and exotic, ultra tech weapons materialized on his auto’s frame as he monitored the road and other incoming data through the ether as rubber tires floated over the pavement. Tactile pod droids were released from compartments of his auto and patrolled city avenues with crisisware severity. A quantum mechanical maelstrom swarm of mechanized photonic shards revolved in a randomized randomizer swirling neon violet veil defensively plating Aiden and the auto. Tactile kinetic ether missiles alighted and blazed in the midnight sky seeking any hostile nexus of opposition and inflicted with ether core jammer jammers, Atlas charges, and quantum crisisware viritic probes opened slits in the impervious walls of ether subjectivity giving modulated coherence to hive perception amongst Terrans. Aiden operated with the tactics of a remote sentient coalescing and dissipating at will on the destructivatic-spawnic edge of the main thought plane grid scintillating with the alternating apocalyptic and prodigious propensities. Massive ether ware plates fell from the void of space towards Earth’s atmosphere in colorful arrays; amber, lime, and sapphire, docking to the dark matter bindings of the internal machinery core of Earth as the future still awaited the storm crash of the tidal wave looming towards shore. A Blue Drift Emissary Vessel pulsed away from Aiden’s auto, passing before the all seeing eye in which every flux of every atom is monitored in the universe, as he devoured the gap of disconnect between Blue Drift and the Junker mainframe anchored at the core of the sun; also described as a fringe rupture of the main thought plain grid.

In earlier days, Aiden was enticed to his auto one lonely night full of woe by the Muses and lead to believe he was the last living presence on Earth. All the peoples had abandoned the planet or died and the extreme voidic isolation of being marooned on this rock impaled him. For an abortive bright moment he was convinced that he was the pilot of a large, space fairing vessel readying to launch. When the craft refused to launch he ran into three dimensions at such an astonishing rate that he pulled a lighter from his pocket and torched his forehead holding the flame there for minutes until the molten core of the sun began to drip into his mind while a blue shadow apparition in the form of Celeste performed fellatio. He walked around in a daze without bodily harm afterwards until he found himself in the bedlam ward.

The remembrance passed when an ultra tech rock found in the bower one alarmingly enchanted afternoon in the back seat of the car began to radiate ether frequencies. When the rock was discovered, the maxim: If they offer you celestial tech, refuse it; pounded through his head. It was not until the next day that the rock was harvested from the woods as the cosmic ether shock to the area was too heavy the previous afternoon.

As the ultra tech rock began signaling amidst the onslaught and salvos of weaponry Aiden found himself an earnest mechanical chrysalis deep within a placid core of a sentient machine, powered by black hole, eager to consume exotic chemicals. In this tranquil mode Dire Wolf Core correlated the story of its origins. An ancient transcendent civilization populating the quasars extracting power from the expansion of the universe to animate dark energy machinery inextricably linked to the three dimensional universe, fell into times of turmoil and decay. A vigilante created Dire Wolf Core as a mechanical virus to wreak havoc and destruction on adversaries’ ether neuro-jack nets. Eventually overriding it’s protocol operating parameters, Dire Wolf Core fled the conflict in a maneuver for self preservation from the edges of the universe and programmed itself into the star grid of multifarious galaxies from higher dimensional planes. It hovered above and dropped into the Milky Way’s three dimensional plane while star-jacked to the ether machines within myriad suns including that of the Sol system.

Aiden awoke from the chrysalis trance and found he was driving on Interstate X headed back to his micro room in the city of S. His auto reflected the firmament during the drive. The city of S. was an amethyst token coruscating charm and dread violently on the divine arena table that is Earth. He watched airplane lights glinting in the sky with much foreboding as he marauded down stretches of road ether sensors active, silent dark dim, reconnoitering, and sensing at one moment the essence of Egyptian pyramids floating in the atmosphere above.

The peaking anticipation was finally abated as the ether architecture of the universe followed its design when Aiden neared the city of S. At the designated moment, in a surreal, eerie, glass driftic, cold steel bone current, soul shadowing, manifestical ether rupture event a lit object came into his field of vision passing over the interstate in front of his auto. Aiden raised his dextral hand off of the gear shifter and in an instinctual man machine fused movement his finger gestured the craft to a landing locus.

The blind side of the machine visions rampantly consuming Aiden for the duration of the night were harmonized with the incipient manifestation of the craft which docked next to the light pole across the interstate draped in a glittering cascade of violet lights. When the cascade terminated, a craft was discerned by Aiden to severely inflict a barrel protrusion cannon where an ordinary Earthen built aircraft would have a fuselage. It hovered in zero registry stillness, melded into the scene seamlessly whilst radiating terrible cosmic frequencies, and appeared locked into place as if it were anchored to an exotic device beyond the three dimensional veil. It was known to him then as 353 Severe.

Despite the aberrant clairvoyant manifestation, the muted shadow of dread, and the presiding awesomeness that swept over his form, Aiden reacted according to his autopilot will and continued to pilot his auto down Interstate X.


The channeler of this tale at this point finds that his work is not complete if he has not inflicted the suffering that it was to write this short; a fetus stuck in the birthing canal for – years that nothing could eject from preponderance. And at the peaking moment of galactic paroxysm, awesomeness, and triumph Aiden looked into the rear view mirror of his auto and witnessed a chevron of public safety pods trailing him. Momentarily, Aiden believed he was leading a Terran force of pods bearing down on the city of S. to rid the environs of Junker presence and every signal through the ether that he sensed confirmed this as the bronze on his shoulder coruscated violently; he a dancing rapier in assault pitch.

The back window of his auto was then shattered, like his illusions at that bent, quixotic moment, by a bullet and the 353 Severe ether signal was dropped to zero registry disconnect. Aiden exited off of the interstate into familiar territory and floored the accelerator of his auto towards a gas station, autopilot zero registry blank with public safety pods in chase. Aiden’s Earth bound condition, the harsh vicissitudes of illusion coupled with the shock of manifestical transcendent machine rape and other galactic visions could not maintain an existence trajectory of consistency which realized itself some time after the 353 Severe rendezvous. Azure car flying down the road at high speed, a nirvanic good, cool essence cry, sapphire beam radiation, emitted by the fueling station, struck and caused him to assume the form of a tremblical ultra violet tear of bone at death, as he collided with the fueling pumps at the gas station, and, in turn, the tanks underneath exploded into conflagration.

And so ended the intrigues of Aiden Shine who was nothing more than a quantum mechanically abstracted beta test simulation of maching erratics leading to burnout of galactic bandwidth entailing transcendent technological engagement within labyrinthine Terran ether machine minds; the necessary acknowledgement of the divine Earthen arena playing The Game Masters’ game promising the going under and assassination of God Blue Drift; the cause for the hijacking of the sun and Aiden Shine’s sun shard ether brand. Upon his death, Aiden’s Brahma Programmatic ether brand warped to the fiery core of the sun star because it had indeed been hijacked.

Post Scriptum


Pocketeer, oh, pocketeer
Thy world buried in thine pockets
Withdrawn be you
Amongst the many
Forlorn under pariah sky
Shell shocked by prosaics
Pocketed hands steady
Buried and buried, disappearing
What!? What is it?
One cannot find his blind side hearing
Metal and concrete shard platform ills blaring
Glad grim shine ways and days
Bumped rudely on the street by passerby
Interrupted ether hive whiles musings
Disengage disengaging disengaged

Blue War

What, I, is blue
They, Who, also wield blue
What cries blue ice tears
They spasmodically induce blue cry
I, thou, the all seeing eye, What, is blue
Who, Crosses and holy spirits, They, is also blue
A blue out
Color War
... ..!.. ...

...My legendary pskci-ftli:L. s-'tFT.o..r-y...

~_=+How to High'-Jiaick }['T"]}---S@}---{--I--}---'''un...